Katharina Megli

Cambridge Singing Teacher    Performance Coach    Choral Director

‘I studied music in the United States, with a focus on voice, and used to perform widely. For personal reasons I took a 4 year break from performing, which shattered my confidence and interrupted  my growth.  


Participating in Katharina's masterclasses has helped me build up the self-esteem to take to the stage again, and re-discover my own authentic voice in a variety of styles.

Masterclass recommendations

‘Katharina creates a very special atmosphere in the masterclasses at the same time both supportive and challenging. While always focusing on basic technique, her great skill as a teacher is to respond to each person specifically, based on keen observation and a deep understanding of the physical and emotional challenges singers face.


Katharina's teaching is always fresh, always positive. I find the performance classes especially interesting: it is so unusual to get instruction in stagecraft, and so helpful to practice with an actual audience.





Katharina not only encourages the development of personal ways to understand and apply technique, but strips away all that is masking your unique voice. She's carried me beyond delivering polished entertainment, to moving listeners with engaging performance. ’  Sarah Lamont


Whether performing or observing I always leave the masterclasses invigorated with new ideas and enthusiasm.’     

Helen Arnold