Katharina Megli

Cambridge Singing Teacher    Performance Coach    Choral Director

One-to-one lessons can help choral singers find a larger vocal range, clearer tone and greater ease of production so their voices don’t tire during rehearsals and performances.  Singers can learn amongst other things how to start phrases cleanly, how to sing forte and piano without strain and how to execute fast passages.


‘I had my first lesson with Katharina while she was working as vocal coach to the Saffron Walden Choral Society. Attempts to use my trained but very out-of-practice voice in a large choir had led to over-singing, strain, and an ever-widening  ‘break’  I found impossible to sing through. From the first lesson, Katharina listened intently, understood the problems, and was positive about solving them. She offered insights, explanations and exercises which, with regular practice, have released real resonance and stability across my whole range.  I am enjoying my choral singing more than ever.’     Vana Mather


‘Katharina is an outstanding teacher with infinite patience and the ability to present the same concept differently until I get it. She is always encouraging and inspiring. This has been a wonderful opportunity for me and I wish I'd had the chance years and years ago.  Thank you.’     Rosemary


‘I can’t thank you enough for all the tips and information you managed to impart in such a fascinating, gripping way in such a short space of time. Everyone seemed as fascinated by what you were saying as I was and you could hear a pin drop throughout.  What a fantastic evening!  Thank you so very much.’     Isobel

Vocal coaching for choirs


Group sessions

Vocal workshops for entire choirs introduce the basics of good voice production in a group setting - less daunting for many adults than the prospect of one-to-one lessons! These sessions are tailored to fit each choir, depending on the style of music they perform and the age and musical background of the singers.  For more information, please contact me.






‘On behalf of myself and the choir, I want to say a huge thank you for last evening - it was an absolute joy. I have already picked up lots of good feedback and enthusiastic responses along the lines: 'Wow, I could really feel that making a difference when I sang!’

Barry Hart    Director, Dayspring Community Choir




Painting by Lesley Fotherby Courtesy of Chris Beetles Gallery

Individual coaching