Katharina Megli

Cambridge Singing Teacher    Performance Coach    Choral Director

‘As a concert pianist, I consider myself very fortunate in being able to work with Katharina on her solo repertoire. She is blessed with a beautiful, deep and powerful operatic voice, and she is as demanding of herself as she is of others. She always searches for the best, whether in her singing or teaching or in preparing programmes with the choir. There is always a lot of work and expectation to achieve the most thoughtful and beautiful, the most secure, the most convincing and emotional performance possible. She does not accept mediocrity.  She lifts everyone else to a high level of achievement and helps and encourages them to work hard, to overcome all doubts and fears and to be true to themselves and the music they perform. But there is also a most wonderful reward for all who perform with Katharina too – grateful audiences kept on the edge of their seats throughout the performance,  who always show their appreciation at the end of every concert with ovations of applause.’      Ilga Pitkevica