Katharina Megli

Cambridge Singing Teacher    Performance Coach    Choral Director

I give individual lessons and performance classes for adult singers in the Cambridge area. My teaching approach springs from many years of study in New York, London, Salzburg, Toronto and Edmonton as well as my extensive experience as a performer and as a singing teacher.  


Individual lessons

In lessons the needs of every student are addressed individually.   

Students learn how to find the core of the voice to give an unforced tone and a true legato.  They discover how to achieve clean onset of sound and pronunciation with clear, resonant vowels and consonants that aid rather than hinder the vocal line.


I enjoy teaching many types of student:


• Young adults wishing to  pursue a career in singing

• Advanced singers wishing to improve their skills

• Singers who have experienced a vocal set-back and need help regaining a working technique and vocal confidence

• Members of adult choirs looking for greater ease of voice production

• Singing teachers who want to hone or refresh their own singing and teaching skills

• I’m happy to provide a short series of lessons in preparation for an audition or performance


My own knowledge is constantly being enlarged through my teaching and directing and Continued Professional Development.




Courses attended in 2017-18:

      • Advanced Anatomy for Voice Professionals: April 2017

• Training in Classical Voice: 5 day course, Guildhall, July 2017 with Janice Chapman and Dr Ron Morris

• AOTOS Summer Conference: 2 days Janice Chapman and Dr Ron Morris, July 2018

• Vocal Pedagogy Course: 3 days with Dr Ron Morris, July 2018, Aberystwyth

• In 2018 attended masterclasses at the Canadian High Commission, led by Adrianne Pieczonka, Gerald Finley and Barbara Hannigan

      • Masterclasses with David Jones, Ron Morris, and Dennis   O’Neill